The grass is always greener at Marvels

There’s no better way to spend your free time than a fun, relaxing game of mini-golf. Of course, we’re biased, so don’t take our word for it. Come and see for yourself.
The Marvels Course

We have a full 18-hole course for your enjoyment.

Pricing & Club Marvels
Marvels Mini-Golf

Adults & kids: GH�12

Visit us and ask about joining Club Marvels, entitling you to bonus rounds, special offers and discounts.

Mini-Golf Rules
Marvels Mini-Golf
  • Object is to finish course with lowest number of total strokes.
  • 1 to 4 players per group.
  • All players hit their first shot before second shot is played.
  • 7 stroke limit per hole.
  • Ball gainst obstacle may be moved one club head length.
  • Ball out of bounds is replaced on the green at point of exit and penalty of one stroke is applied.
  • Deliberately hitting another ball incurs penalty of one stroke and balls are to be returned to their starting positions.
  • Stick to the paths and play the holes in order of 1 to 18.
  • Please be courteous to other players and allow faster moving groups to play through.
Frequently Asked
Marvels Mini-Golf

It looks like there’s no dress code. Can I wear whatever I want?
Sure! Come as you are. Your Sunday best or Sunday worst will do.

Will everything that I need to play be given to me?
Yes! Everything you need is provided right here at Marvels.

I’m not a member. Can I still play?
Yes! Anyone can play, but we do offer free rounds and discounts to Club Marvels members.

What are the rules?
Standard rules are here and also available on-site, but of course you can invent your own variations.

How big a group of people can play?
There is no limit of the number of players; come alone or with 100 friends! We only ask as a courtesy that groups of 5 or more split up or allow faster-moving groups to pass, and that they leave a GH�5 deposit at the counter for their balls and clubs.

Is there an age limit or physical requirement in order to play?
The course is open to all ages but requires players to walk and position their balls (with/without assistance).

How long does 1 round take?
For two people, about an hour.

4. Heartbreak Hill 5. Putter’s Peak 16. Stroke of Luck 12. Rite of Passage 9. Hidden Agenda 7. Kofi’s Conundrum 11. Fair Straits 17. The Greener Side 8. Easy Come, Easy Go 3. Slippery Slope 2. Ace of Clubs 1. Right of Way 18. Tee-Total 6. Choose Your Choice 15. Eight Ball 14. Rocky Road 13. In the Rough